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The writing game

After six years of writing the Game to 100 blog, I’ve decided to hang it up and note on my permanent record card that I produced 771 posts. I have found satisfaction in the writing process and appreciated the civil … Continue reading

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Ties of a lifetime tell many stories

After some internal debate, I decided to keep the tie with the Wall Street bull and bear on it. It was a reminder of my final copy-editing niche at the Sacramento Bee, when I specialized in handling business stories. Another … Continue reading

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Reflections before going to sleep

A sleep researcher gave this advice at a recent lecture: Think positive thoughts as you drift off for the night. Put aside the stress of the day. Try relaxation and meditation techniques. How about watching reruns of “Law and Order”? … Continue reading

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Keeping track of the score in pickup basketball can drive you crazy

Keeping track of the score in pickup basketball games has been an irritation all my life. The combination of faulty memories and habitual cheating has ignited far too many frustrating, game-delaying arguments. Such disputes come at a cost at my athletic … Continue reading

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UC Berkeley officials need to stand up for free speech

Last year, University of California officials were pushing a dangerous idea that would have severely restricted discussion of a key historical movement of the modern era. Think about that for a minute: A prestigious university system dedicated to the education … Continue reading

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