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Think you will see the inside of city’s luxury suite at Kings arena?

I don’t know what’s wrong with the residents of Sacramento these days.  They seem so suspicious. Even when city officials offer a perks-for-the-people program at the new downtown Kings arena, skeptics question their generosity. The city expects to give away … Continue reading

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Let us now praise Sacramento city officials for not being utter fools on arena deal

After you’ve been robbed at gunpoint, it’s cold comfort to be told you should be glad  you’re alive. After you’ve lost an eye, you don’t want to hear that you should be grateful you’re not blind. After you’ve witnessed the spectacle … Continue reading

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Arena developers, Kings on wrong side of immigration issue

I would feel proud if the movers and shakers in Sacramento backed a program to bring desperate Syrian war refugees to our city. Instead, they are promoting a plan to allow wealthy foreigners to go to the head of the … Continue reading

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When a Sac High teacher went against the Kevin Johnson team

Through Kevin Johnson’s long history of sexual scandals, deniers and defenders have been eager to rush to Johnson’s side. One man who didn’t – and paid a price for it – was Erik Jones. Back in 2007, Jones was a … Continue reading

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Arena glitter blinds newspaper to plight of the poor

I know it’s become acceptable to cut the Sacramento Bee some slack these days, given its financial setbacks, staff layoffs and reduction in size. But are we readers supposed to swallow sarcasm passed off as insight, dumb conclusions promoted as … Continue reading

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