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Say it loud and proud: We’re journalists

Friends, it saddens me to see the demonizing of the free press. I was a reporter for more than three decades. Journalism is an imperfect craft. Mistakes are made. But I shudder to imagine democracy without it. And the reporters … Continue reading

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Will you be better off in four years?

“Me first!” I suggest that as a slogan to rally anti-Trump forces across America. The idea came to me while I was searching the Internet to find a moderately priced pair of good basketball shoes. Specifically, I was trying to … Continue reading

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Safe zone brings out Trump supporter

Let me set the stage before discussing my first encounter with a person who acknowledged voting for Donald Trump. Wait — should I feel embarrassed by that sentence?  I like to think of myself as an open-minded fellow willing to … Continue reading

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Jackie Kennedy holds up better than JFK

In my old age, I find that Jackie Kennedy has become more interesting to me and JFK more disappointing. I give my youthful self a pass for accepting the stage-managed illusions of the day. I did not come of age … Continue reading

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Inspiring words from a high school principal in Ohio

Editor’s Note: Family members in the great state of Ohio alerted me to this statement by the principal of Shaker Heights High School near Cleveland. The following is from the school newspaper, The Shakerite. Principal Jonathan Kuehnle spoke during the Nov. 9 … Continue reading

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