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The writing game

After six years of writing the Game to 100 blog, I’ve decided to hang it up and note on my permanent record card that I produced 771 posts. I have found satisfaction in the writing process and appreciated the civil … Continue reading

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A dictionary defense doesn’t always cut it

Before getting to Ben Carson, the new secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and his comparison of slaves to immigrants, let me mention a useful lesson I learned as a newspaper copy editor:  In the public arena, it’s futile to … Continue reading

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Snow geese fill the valley with wonder and mystery

          I don’t travel far without my portable GPS device and printouts of map directions. Snow geese fly from the Arctic regions of Canada, Alaska and Siberia without such help and find their way to the … Continue reading

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Bikeway connector in midtown Sacramento needs protection

As a bicycle rider in Sacramento, I like to get off the hazardous streets and enjoy the scenic beauty of the American River bike trail, officially known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. My street smarts, developed as a youth in New York … Continue reading

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From O.J. Simpson to Stanford sex-assault case, two wrongs don’t produce a right

Assuming O.J. Simpson was guilty of double murder, as most of white America thinks, was it rough justice for a largely black jury to acquit him because the Los Angeles cops had a sorry record of brutalizing blacks, most memorably … Continue reading

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