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Where was God during Orlando massacre?

Like so many people, I have no explanation for the massacre of 49 people at an Orlando gay nightclub other than that the world can be a rotten place sometimes. I wish those using the tragedy to promote their own … Continue reading

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My older sister missed the Belmont Stakes this year

My sister Mil didn’t get to hear the roar of the crowd Saturday at the 148th running of the Belmont Stakes. It was probably the first Belmont she missed experiencing vicariously in about 60 years. Her house in Floral Park, … Continue reading

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Kitchen remodeling is a challenge

Until a week ago, the word “backsplash” wasn’t in my vocabulary. Now, I’m giving a lot of thought to that area behind the sink that protects the wall from splashes. I’ve looked at hundreds of pictures online and tried to … Continue reading

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Mayor Johnson doesn’t look good in erasing arena-related text messages

The mayor of Sacramento admits destroying evidence in the arena-subsidy case after city officials were explicitly warned to preserve all electronic communications related to the deal. That’s a breathtaking admission Kevin Johnson made yesterday when he testified in a trial … Continue reading

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Good looks are part of the equation

Back in my dating days, I had many first meetings that started with a coffee date. The idea was to get a sense whether things might go anywhere without slogging through what might be an uncomfortable, expensive dinner date. In … Continue reading

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