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Reflections on ants, coyotes, morality and death

I won’t pretend to feel guilty. I wiped out hundreds of ants last night with poison spray. They were in a kitchen cabinet near the back door. They were on the wall above the cabinet and on molding extending down … Continue reading

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Ending landline-phone service was quite an adventure

The Consolidated Communications representative told me I would need to return the landline-phone battery unit before service could be terminated. She said it was a fairly large unit that I would find outside my house somewhere. That part was easy. … Continue reading

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Aunt May would be rolling in her grave if she knew the old brownstone’s price

“Merciful heavens!” That’s what I imagine my Aunt May would exclaim if she were alive and told her old family home in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn was valued at $1.27 million. I learned that  price because I checked out … Continue reading

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Reflections on sprinkler repair and the Armenian genocide

Let me brag about fixing a significant leak in my front-yard sprinkler system. I do feel pleased that I generated the gumption yesterday to tackle the problem. I have registered the accomplishment on the positive side of my internal scorecard. … Continue reading

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Seeking peace of mind in denial works until the truth floods out

I woke up yesterday morning in a can-do spirit. I decided I would check out the lawn sprinklers and adjust the spray heads if needed. Sure enough, three of them were out of whack. A few turns with a screwdriver … Continue reading

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