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Harassment of black pedestrians called public-safety measure

The Sacramento Police Department, which was treated to a couple of days of media approval for its seemingly transparent response to the beating of a black man accused of jaywalking, couldn’t stick to sensible public relations. Instead, department officials are … Continue reading

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The danger of walking while black in Sacramento

Stopping people for minor infractions is a “proactive way” to reduce crime. “It’s the little things, like jaywalking and minor traffic violations,” said Tim Davis, head of the union that represents Sacramento police officers. “If you look into those, you … Continue reading

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From the dentist’s drill to parking-lot woes

When you leave a dentist’s office, things should start to pick up. Such was not the case this week. Monday morning, I drove over to a trendy section of east Sacramento, parked my 2014 Mustang in the dentist’s half-filled lot … Continue reading

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Why are these people getting so much money?

With some news stories, I just take a deep breath, let a mild wave of cynicism pass through my system and shake my head at the ways of the world. Here are several items of note from the past week: ■■■ … Continue reading

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Oroville Dam fears make for a restless night

I’m grateful sirens didn’t awaken me during the night. An anxiety dream about my endangered house was bad enough. The early morning news reports are a bit encouraging. But still, the Oroville Dam crisis is scary. The size of the … Continue reading

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