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Want a bite of my meal? Forget it!

I don’t  like to feel alone in the universe, so I was relieved to see a Carolyn Hax advice column on the subject of sharing food at a restaurant. A disgruntled husband complained that his wife always asks for a … Continue reading

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Ban on tipping would improve Sacramento’s quality of life

Enough whining already! Any restaurant that can’t get its customers to pay the cost of producing a meal plus a little profit shouldn’t be in business. Any restaurant that exploits its workers and forces them to live off the charity … Continue reading

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Sacramento restaurant owners should put a minimum-wage increase on their menu

When it came time to decide on a tip for the waitress, I weighed her amusing talk against her failure to keep onions off my artisan pizza. I deducted four percentage points from the 20 percent tipping figure I use … Continue reading

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‘Third-wave’ coffee? Give me dark-roasted Yuban

It’s 5 a.m., and I’m sitting at my computer with a mug of Yuban dark-roasted coffee a foot away. The cobwebs of sleep disappear with each sip from the 16-ounce mug. I’ve been drinking Yuban for years. It delivers caffeine … Continue reading

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Bring on the burned toast, hold the Fig Newtons

Burned toast isn’t good for me. That’s what the health tip said. Avoid the charcoal crunch and strive for toast that is honey-colored. I can still see my father sitting at the table with two slices of honey-colored toast and … Continue reading

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