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A new season of self-doubt

I signed up for the summer basketball season at my athletic club in Sacramento in early May. The season was to begin in early June. I came home from a two-week trip and learned that the season had begun without … Continue reading

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Beware of pitches on easy weight loss

“No Need To Join a Gym!” I saw the headline in a collection of articles under a six-column, light-blue  banner that read “Q&A Health Views” in The Sacramento Bee earlier this month. Other headlines read “Better Oral Health W/O Fear” … Continue reading

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High-intensity interval training helps

“What do you have in that bottle – youth juice?” a young man asked me recently between basketball games. “Just water,” I said, a little slow on the uptake. “Man, you just run and run,” he said, shaking his head. … Continue reading

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Want to improve? Set the right goal

I was talking to John, one of the ballplayers at my athletic club in Sacramento who is on the far side of 50. He’s in good shape and plays hard defense. He said he was going to a different club … Continue reading

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With Kings back, watch those deals

It’s funny how the capitalists disappear when the money gets tight. Huge Wall Street investment firms  argued for free unfettered markets as long as they were reaping billions of dollars from sliced-and-diced  mortgage packages. When the bubble burst, they went … Continue reading

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