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Arena parking plan gets wilder

You have to admire the chutzpah of Think Big Sacramento. The group that is seeking public money to build an arena for the Kings at the downtown railyard site proposes that the city of Sacramento give away a $24 million … Continue reading

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Aging athlete’s reach exceeds his grasp

Just when you think you’re in good shape – at least for your age – you try something new and get humbled. After my hip-replacement surgery almost six years ago, I followed the rules and avoided strenuous, high-impact activities. Walking, … Continue reading

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Arena backers dismiss Sacramento voters

Five years ago, Sacramento voters made it overwhelmingly clear that they didn’t want public funds used to pay for a downtown Kings arena. Eighty percent of voters rejected a proposed sales tax increase for that purpose. Yesterday, the mayor of … Continue reading

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Al Spitzer, my favorite sportswriter

“Do you remember a sportswriter named Al Spitzer who wrote for LI Press?” my sister Alice asked me in a recent email. She was taking a writing class at a senior center on Long Island and said Spitzer’s younger sister … Continue reading

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Kings arena — what a ride we’ll have

Historian  Stephen Ambrose, in his compelling book “Nothing Like It in the World,” said, “Next to winning the Civil War and abolishing slavery, building the transcontinental railroad from Omaha, Nebraska, to Sacramento, California, was the greatest achievement of the American … Continue reading

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