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Seeking accountability at Syracuse

If you’ve ever wondered why victims of child sexual abuse are reluctant  to accuse their attackers, you should take a look at what’s going on at Syracuse University. In mid-November, two stepbrothers accused  longtime associate basketball coach Bernie Fine of … Continue reading

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Why get X-ray for a ‘twinge’?

I was in no hurry to open the letter from the DMV. The vehicle registration notice  couldn’t be good news. There would be the renewal fee. Worse, a smog test might be required for my 1997 Toyota Camry.  I take … Continue reading

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Make a statement with Power Balance bracelet

This is the time to buy a Power Balance bracelet. Great discounts abound. The company has filed for bankruptcy protection. This follows a preliminary settlement of a class-action lawsuit by disgruntled customers who allege the company falsely claimed its silicone-hologram … Continue reading

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KC arena shows Sacramento what not to do

Think Big Sacramento, which is aggressively promoting a downtown arena for Mayor Kevin Johnson, wants us to look to Kansas City, Mo., and its downtown Sprint Center as a model for what can happen in Sacramento. The mayor’s task force … Continue reading

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Arena push gets crazier

Things are getting crazier and crazier. The billion-dollar NBA and its multimillion-dollar players can’t agree how to divvy up their wealth, and the league season looks likely to be canceled.  Small-market owners say they can’t compete against big markets like … Continue reading

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