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Climbing the ladder of fear

I finally got around to my least liked chore of winter – cleaning the house gutters. The big oak tree in front of my house  was done shedding its leaves, the sky was blue and a hint of rain was … Continue reading

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Athletes who risk concussions aren’t victims

Try as I might, I can’t rouse my social conscience to care much about long-term brain injuries suffered by pro football players. They’re not really victims. They’re guys who chose a tough line of work. Maybe they didn’t know about … Continue reading

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Hey guys, you may not make the team

I am intrigued by a remarkable social experiment unfolding at the Capital Athletic Club in Sacramento, the club where I have been struggling to maintain my career as a  basketball player. The experiment pits equality vs. meritocracy on the basketball … Continue reading

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Chicago to Sacramento: Don’t lease out parking

 Sacramento city officials and the folks promoting a downtown arena for the Kings think leasing out the city’s parking facilities to a private operator for 50 years is a swell idea. Why, it’s so swell they don’t even have to … Continue reading

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Arena issue shows Bee’s split personality

I am still shaking my head in wonder at Saturday’s editorial page in the Sacramento Bee. The page reflected a puzzling schizophrenic split between helping the poor and donating to the wealthy. At the top of the page was a … Continue reading

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