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Public kept in dark on Kings arena

A lawyer friend of mine who is usually well-informed about Sacramento political and governmental issues asked me this question the other night: What’s going on with the arena parking plan?  Evidently, he hadn’t been reading my blog religiously or  Field of … Continue reading

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Fishing evokes thoughts of my father

  Smallmouth bass caught in 1935 by A.A. Clegg. I had no luck again with the steelhead yesterday, and that was all right. At 66, I just like being out on the river for a few hours. I’ll never feel … Continue reading

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Paterno’s good deeds don’t right the wrong

In the strident, contentious world of sports commentary, the death of Joe Paterno on Sunday has evoked a remarkable display of tolerance. The gist is this: Paterno was a man of great accomplishments but he had weaknesses like any human being, … Continue reading

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Sacramento could be sucker on arena parking plan

Why would 25 private parking operators be eager to take over Sacramento’s downtown parking garages and meters? That’s how many have notified the city they are considering applying to manage the city’s facilities in exchange for paying hundreds of millions … Continue reading

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Steelhead fishing renews the spirit

Ducks find a quiet spot along the river. I took in the melancholy mystery nature this week while fishing for the elusive steelhead trout. The rocky shoreline at Sailor Bar on the lower American River was dotted with the skeletal … Continue reading

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