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Arena backers are the real naysayers

The ever-desperate arena backers aren’t content to rip-off  taxpayers’ money to fund their sports fantasies. They also have to twist the English language around to disguise greed as civic virtue and self-interest as communal good. • When they deny the … Continue reading

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Arena backers say: No need for facts

The media dream machine has gone into a hysterical frenzy covering the Kings arena funding talks being held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel inside Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Headlines in the Bee screamed “It’s high noon for arena” and … Continue reading

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Dream machine pumps out arena fantasies

The dream machine revved  into high gear this week as secret negotiations over a downtown arena head toward a March 1 climax.  Whatever’s going on apparently isn’t fit for public consumption. All the private parties eager to profit from this … Continue reading

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Of Jeremy Lin, Vietnam and fate

The Jeremy Lin saga gets me thinking about the effect of timing in shaping what happens to you in life. Talent and hard work can go nowhere if doors don’t open at a particular time. Lin has taken the NBA … Continue reading

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What the arena plan is: Extortion

While nearly drowning in a sea of specious verbiage about the downtown arena, I came upon a buoy of sanity. It was a column written by Mark Paul in the Sacramento Bee’s Forum section on Sunday. The headline said: “Don’t … Continue reading

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