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Snag on arena, a voice for taxpayers

“When you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” I mentioned that bit of folk wisdom last week in talking about the Kings arena scheme, and it seems useful once again. The news now is that the Maloofs, … Continue reading

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Arena backers need Kings to get in shape

Arena promoters whine that Sacramento is a second-class city because it lacks a “world-class” facility loaded with luxury suites filled with high-paying corporate fans ringing their cowbells for the Kings. The promoters should spend more time bemoaning the sorry  image … Continue reading

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Brick work requires self-acceptance

The balcony view softens the imperfections in the patio.       “You’re getting a little obsessive, don’t you think?” my wife asked.   For the second day in a row, I was redoing a section of the brick-and-sand  patio I had … Continue reading

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Arena gets a laugh in Cleveland

Sacramento’s social-climbing pretensions are getting a laugh in the gritty city of Cleveland, which is no stranger to sports stadium shenanigans. My brother sent me a column that appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer this month under the headline: “Common … Continue reading

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Let’s get real on arena investors

Here’s a test to see whether you’re a Pollyanna or a realist: 1) Do you think AEG’s chief executive came to Sacramento yesterday because he believes Sacramento deserves to keep the Kings and to show his faith that the city … Continue reading

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