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Signs of progress in the garden makeover

Progress has been made,  I tell myself when I look at  the disarray in the “back-forty.” I wish things were going faster so that I could see more visible progress. But I take heart from a couple of new elements … Continue reading

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A player beyond redemption

I don’t get this redemption thing. I don’t get why religious folks are so enamored of forgiving sinners and telling them to repent and sin no more. They seem far more concerned with the villain than the victim. Where is … Continue reading

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Email could be smoking gun on arena

Did Mayor Kevin Johnson mislead the City Council March 6 to get the go-ahead for a downtown Kings arena? You wouldn’t think so from listening to the mainstream local media. They’re indulging local officials in their vendetta against the Maloofs, … Continue reading

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Summitt should return $1 million bonus

I am an admirer of Pat Summitt, who coached the University of Tennessee women’s basketball team for 38 years. As a player and coach, she helped change the face of the women’s game, taking it from being a poor cousin … Continue reading

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Arena fever gets the Bee flip-flopping

It appears that the Sacramento Bee’s editorial writers have succumbed totally to arena fever, which they may have picked up from Mayor Kevin Johnson. The rapidly spreading disease is marked by an irrational longing for a world-class arena with or … Continue reading

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