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Nutgrass keeps a gardener humble

I suppose I could admire nutgrass, aka nutsedge, an invasive weed that has defied my attempts to eradicate it for years. It is a survivor, a small green plant with an incredible ability to come back after I thought I … Continue reading

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Basketball, murder and jury duty

When I was a senior in high school, a teacher gave our class a piece of parting advice that has stayed with me through the years: “Wherever you go in life,  whatever great things you accomplish, don’t forget the insignificant … Continue reading

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Garden makeover serves as metaphor on aging

The makeover of the “back forty” is proving to be a useful metaphor for aging: Do what you want to do now or accept forever the way things are. The makeover started because I finally decided I was tired of  … Continue reading

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Failure is a teaching tool

“Failure is not an option.” That was the headline in a recent New York Times article on grading in the nation’s graduate schools. The long-dreaded F grade has virtually disappeared from grad school life, the Education Life article said. When … Continue reading

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Hoping a persimmon tree takes root

The persimmon tree looks like a stick planted in the ground, and I feel a little silly watering it because it’s been sitting out there in the “back forty” for  a month and still shows no sign of life. The … Continue reading

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