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Hair dryers and spitting in the shower

I’ve been a member of the Capital Athletic Club in Sacramento for 12 years, and it’s helped to keep my athletic life going at the intensity level I like. I can work out to my heart’s content and relieve the … Continue reading

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Sports offer hope to kids with disabilities

For Tom Moran, life was a challenge right from the beginning. He was born with cerebral palsy, endured multiple surgeries and torturous rehabilitation sessions before he was 10, and struggled to walk. Through it all, he yearned to play sports … Continue reading

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Renovating arena gets a push

Things just keep getting crazier and crazier.  ■ Now that the downtown Kings arena plan has collapsed like the house of cards it was, visions of renovating Power Balance Pavilion are emerging from the darkness. ■ City officials are shrugging … Continue reading

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Backyard project takes a detour

After I  finished the enlargement of the sand-and-brick back patio a couple of weeks ago, I promptly  took up a three-foot-square section to plant a smoke tree a few feet from the fence line. I liked the way the new … Continue reading

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Scary thought: DeMarcus Cousins representing U.S.

  Here’s a unpleasant thought:  DeMarcus Cousins on the U.S. Olympic basketball team.  I know it’s crazy to think that anyone would tout the Sacramento Kings center as a candidate to represent the United States on the world stage, but … Continue reading

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