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My brief career as a catcher

My look as a catcher, about age 11. When I was in college, a relative warned me: “Watch out for your first job. It has a way of becoming your life’s work.”  That certainly proved to be true. I got … Continue reading

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What’s fair about great genes?

In this land where equal opportunity and a level playing field are so valued, why are athletes who didn’t win the genetic lottery doomed to be second-rate performers? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs to make up … Continue reading

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Why support free lunch for rich?

Here’s a puzzling bit of logic: You’re a “myopic” Sacramentan if you think there are free lunches or free basketball arenas. The proof? Look at Seattle where, despite the support of  area business giants like Microsoft and Nordstrom, the promoter of … Continue reading

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UCLA plays a shell game on scholarships

When I was about 10, I made some money by returning soda bottles from my sister’s house. “What a racket,” her husband joked. “We buy the soda, store the bottles, drive the kid  to the store — and he collects … Continue reading

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‘Back forty’ makeover keeps expanding

    A little water brings out the colors of the Plum Creek cobble in the creek. The view from the house in January. The backyard’s new look from the house. What started as a modest project to remove a 12-foot-high … Continue reading

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