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Fitness products make you pay for hope

While it may feel reassuring to think  fitness products will enhance your sports performance and fix injuries, scientific evidence to back up advertisers’ claims is generally lacking. That’s the conclusion of  researchers from the University of Oxford who looked  into … Continue reading

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You want to play pickup basketball? Good luck!

I came across a delightful article in the New York Times titled “‘I Got Next’: Exploring New York Through Pickup Basketball.” It was written by Isaac Eger, a post-college, “shaggy  white guy” from Sarasota, Fla., who moved to the city … Continue reading

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What will be learned at Paterno Library?

If Penn State president Rodney Erickson were the biblical King Solomon and had to resolve the conflict between two women who both claimed to be the mother of a particular baby, he would slice the infant in two and give … Continue reading

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Injuries can play with your mind

A string of minor injuries has gotten into my head, undercutting what had been an unwarranted sense of invulnerability. I know, pride goeth before the fall – or the pulled muscle behind my knee that developed into other knee aches … Continue reading

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Good deeds don’t wash away evil

The way some folks are talking about the late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, you would think that God had given Moses the Ten Good Deeds to go along with the Ten Commandments. Paterno apologists are scrambling to salvage … Continue reading

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