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Performance-enhancing drugs and winning

There’s no level playing field in the sports world. Some athletes have the advantage of speed, strength or jumping ability over others. They won the genetic lottery at birth, and if they work hard, they reap the benefits until age … Continue reading

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Reports on Kings strain credibility

The Kings are not leaving Sacramento. That’s the clear impression I got from reading Marcos Breton’s Sunday column in the Bee. Breton laments how much time he wasted Thursday trying to dispel rumors racing through the Internet that the Kings … Continue reading

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Death hangs over pickup game

I was in the hot tub Monday afternoon at the Capital Athletic Club, stretching my legs in the churning water to get ready for the weekly pickup games with the over-40 crowd. “Did you hear about Dan?” Frank asked me. … Continue reading

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Feeling uninspired about a new car

I wish I loved cars. Then I could feel excited about the world of choices in the marketplace and play out some fantasy about getting what I always wanted. I could better relate to the kind of ad pitched successfully … Continue reading

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School football ritual looks like bullying

With all the concern about bullying in schools today, I was surprised to read that 47  Placer High School football players had their heads shaved last week “in a unique form of bonding from yesteryear.” One paragraph in the Bee … Continue reading

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