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Kicking the homeless is smoke screen for development

It’s been hard to miss the escalating campaign to drive the homeless from their encampments along the lower end of the American River. The local media have painted the crackdown as a painful, but necessary move to reclaim the bike … Continue reading

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Remodeled patio getting a full makeover

    You can live with imperfections – or you rip up the recently renovated brick patio. I chose the latter course, and that has meant a full-body workout for days, with more to come. My customary 20-minute routine with … Continue reading

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Space shuttle evokes wonder

I was taken by surprise yesterday morning while working in the garden. I heard the drone of a large aircraft and knew immediately it was the space shuttle Endeavour headed toward the state Capitol less than  two miles north of … Continue reading

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Want mental exercise? Try to figure out this columnist

The experts say that engaging in mental exercise can keep your mind in decent shape as you plod through your senior years. But who wants to do crossword puzzles when you can wrestle with intellectual  puzzles such as these: Why … Continue reading

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Want to act like a jerky teen? Play ball

Playing basketball keeps you young, at least emotionally. Get out on the court and watch  how quickly you can shuck off years of your hard-won maturity. See your self-control and empathy for your fellow human beings disappear. Abandon yourself to … Continue reading

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