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DeMarcus Cousins is a fan turnoff

I could root for a bunch of losers if they were players who put out their best effort every night and sacrificed their selfish interests for the good of the team. I could imagine cheering for a team that played … Continue reading

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The things adults do on the basketball court

When guys  act like jerks on the basketball court, maybe it’s not accurate to suggest they’re regressing to the immaturity of their teenage years, as I said last month in describing some pickup-game behavior at my athletic club. Maybe that’s … Continue reading

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Some questions about loan to the Kings

Here’s a curious financial tidbit I gleaned from a testy 2006-07 county grand jury report: Back in 1997, the Sacramento Kings’ owners got a $70 million loan from the city. Interest payments on the loan were supposed to come from … Continue reading

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Corporate logos on NBA uniforms? Boo!

“He who pays the piper calls the tune.” I doubt the National  Basketball Association will invoke that proverb  if it decides this week to add corporate sponsor logos to players’ jerseys, but fans might start wondering what the sponsors want … Continue reading

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Let the kid play competitive baseball

My 11-year-old grandson is playing baseball in Sacramento with one of those high-powered youth teams that play ball year-round and put primary emphasis on competition and winning. Is this a bad thing? I ask the question after reading an opinion piece … Continue reading

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