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Strange pair — Baptist-based Baylor, gay basketball star

Baylor coach Kim Mulkey, left, with Brittney Griner. “Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Matthew 6:24. I like that biblical line. It conveys the moral clarity I prefer, the stark choices to be made between right and wrong, heaven and … Continue reading

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About that Neanderthal in the family cave

If you want to revitalize your sense of wonder, get a DNA test. It’s amazing to actually see what the decoding of the human genome can reveal about your connection to the human race, your family and your health. I … Continue reading

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Arena lawsuit targets credibility gap

For idealists who like to believe that good eventually triumphs over evil, watching the 1976 film “All the President’s Men” is awfully satisfying.  It’s inspiring to remember that the tale of two dogged reporters uncovering a trail of villainy leading … Continue reading

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Build an arena, then worry about the poor

“A cynic is an idealist who’s been made a fool of.” A college drama professor provided that definition almost 50 years ago, and it still resonates with me. It’s right up there with a high school teacher who reminded our … Continue reading

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Seattle columnist explains the arena game

Because our elected officials have sucked up to the NBA and done everything the billionaires’ club has asked by way of funding a new arena, shouldn’t Sacramento get to keep the Kings? Isn’t that what integrity is all about? On … Continue reading

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