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When does healthy exercise become an obsession?

  On average, I spend two hours a day at my athletic club five days a week. Mostly, I play basketball and lift weights. The other two days I get my exercise from bike riding and garden chores. This regimen … Continue reading

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It’s hard to thrive if you don’t start over

  Thrive or merely survive? That was the question. The small smoke tree in a big pot by the koi pond had been struggling since May. The initial lime-green leaves were shriveling beneath new growth higher on the branches. I … Continue reading

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Some old books just weigh you down

  How much old baggage do I want to drag through my life? Am I getting weighed down by useless stuff that holds me back in some way? My head was filled with such thoughts yesterday. Perhaps that was an … Continue reading

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Weight-room etiquette can get complicated at the club

The weight-room rule at my athletic club seems clear: If you put weights on a bar, take them off when you’re done. You pick up after yourself.  It’s basic etiquette. But what do you do when you work out with … Continue reading

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Stylish basketball shoes make some kind of statement

Flashy-looking basketball shoes – I feel a little silly putting them on. They’re designed for something beyond the purpose of playing ball, designed to catch the eye and make a statement. I feel I should be heading to a fashion … Continue reading

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