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Playing sports may open door to a lost part of yourself

For the past year, my wife, Carol, has been getting up before dawn three to four days a week to participate on a rowing team. She labored for months to complete the novice training and has advanced to the intermediate level. … Continue reading

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Forget it, DeMarcus — they want team players

  When you think of DeMarcus Cousins, the image of a team player doesn’t rush into your mind. Cousins has carved out his niche in the basketball world as a surly malcontent who can’t get along with coaches, referees, teammates … Continue reading

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Brain gets tough workout with disability story

Why would folks in the Sacramento region get federal disability benefits at a far higher rate than workers in other major areas in the state? Am I living in some kind of human disaster area? Is it catching? A front page … Continue reading

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Locker-room access proved pivotal for female sportswriters

ESPN is running an inspiring television series titled “Nine for IX” that focuses on women who fought for equal rights in the sports world after the passage of Title IX in 1972. The other evening, I watched an installment on … Continue reading

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When basketball was white or black

I watched the 2006 film “Glory Road” on television the other night and found myself awash in memories of New York, El Paso and a changing America.  The film is a quasi-documentary about Texas Western’s epic defeat of Kentucky in the … Continue reading

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