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Who gets to say what new arena would look like?

Here’s how the big boys play ball: When I booted up my computer this morning, a rectangular box shot across the screen and insisted that I go to another site and download Windows 8.1. I couldn’t get the box off … Continue reading

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Forget the tears for former football star Reggie Rogers

I felt saddened and outraged by the news story of a crazed driver, reportedly fueled on vodka, who slammed into a pickup truck in Lodi and killed three children and their parents. Police say the suspect is a 28-year-old parolee … Continue reading

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Enough with these postgame handshakes

Years ago, a co-worker prevailed upon me to coach his son’s sixth grade basketball team. I agreed, and during the course of the season, I focused on the values that had been instilled in me by my coaches. I asked … Continue reading

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Basketball player takes risky gamble in hopes of greatness

At 22, has Tristan Thompson, a forward with the Cleveland Cavaliers, missed his window of opportunity to become a superstar? Did he make a decision at 12 that doomed his prospects? Thompson, the fourth pick in the 2011 NBA draft, … Continue reading

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Standing-room-only section at proposed Kings arena is symbolic

Here’s a fitting image: a new Kings arena that would shunt hordes of fans into a standing-room-only section behind the arena’s lower seating bowl. That’s the latest design brainstorm being touted by team officials, who seem intent on controlling every … Continue reading

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