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Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins is half an all-star

“Cousins snubbed for All-Star team.” That’s the headline plastered across the top of the Sacramento Bee’s sport page this morning. The story was a pure hometowner, casting the big guy as a victim. Fans and coaches showed no respect for … Continue reading

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Want to rip off the public? Pick a number, any number

Will the Super Bowl generate $550 million to $600 million in economic benefits for the New York City area, as rabid politicians and NFL executives claim? Well, first, where the heck did that huge estimate come from? asks New York … Continue reading

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Honor takes a hit in Sheldon High School basketball program

In Japan, company executives occasionally commit corporate hara-kiri when scandals erupt on their watch. They resign in shame, regardless of whether they were directly responsible for creating the mess. They admit they failed in their duty as leaders to ensure … Continue reading

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In arena-subsidy fight, grass-roots activists provide inspiring example

It would be easy to turn cynical at this point and remind yourself that fighting city hall is an exercise in futility. When you combine big money, greed, ambitious politicians and a compliant local media, you create a steamroller likely … Continue reading

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New toilets for the drought — and aging bodies

  “We don’t want to become those old people who start letting everything go,” my wife announced. “Everything covers a lot of ground,” I said. “We should get a new toilet. I hate this cracked cover.” A chunk of porcelain … Continue reading

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