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How can anyone root for Kentucky?

Watching Kentucky knock away opponents in the NCAA basketball tournament is irritating. When Aaron Harrison nailed a three-pointer yesterday to seal a 75-72 victory over Michigan, I gritted my teeth and cursed in my head so as not to disturb … Continue reading

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Rethinking college theories on bisexuality

The cover of last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine highlighted an article on bisexuality. A headline said: “How a new breed of activists is using science to prove there’s something real between straight and gay.” That surprised me. I’ve thought … Continue reading

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Boundaries between kids, adults get blurred at the club

When parents bring children to a social gathering intended for adults, it can cause tension. Sure, you want to be accepting of family life, but the presence of kids changes the social dynamics. You don’t want to seem selfish or … Continue reading

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Insights from the obituary pages

While reading newspaper obituaries recently – the Irish sporting section – I noticed one that said a Sacramento woman had gone to heaven to join her husband. It must be comforting for survivors to have such certainty. I grew up … Continue reading

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Arena, new B Street theater are different ball games

Earlier this year, my wife and I decided to make a significant donation to the B Street Theatre’s campaign to build a new theater in midtown Sacramento. We did that because, as B Street subscribers for many years, we have … Continue reading

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