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Free speech becomes casualty in uproar over L.A. Clippers’ owner

Back in the day when I hung around with Berkeley radicals and hoped the leftist revolution was at hand, a friend of mine urged me to join a brewing protest designed to cancel a speech on campus by William Shockley. … Continue reading

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Regarding LA Clippers’ owner: Let those without prejudice record their every conversation

I feel as though I’m living in bizarro-land with all this Donald Sterling business. I’ve read a bunch of front-page news stories regarding this latest eruption of a racial controversy and listened to most of the tape recording between a … Continue reading

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Soldiers tied to Pat Tillman tragedy travel hard road

In the aftermath of the Vietnam War, I came across a book of photographs titled “The Family of Man.” One haunting photo showed a dead soldier lying in a ditch with a rifle stuck in the ground above him. The … Continue reading

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In S.F., arena builders show some class

Let us now praise the owners of the Golden State Warriors. They are planning to build a $1 billion arena at their own expense. Imagine that – businessmen who are willing to assume the financial risk for their own ambitious … Continue reading

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Tough love for star athletes — are you kidding?

  The headline atop the Sacramento Bee’s sport page today says: “It’s time to stop coddling Aldon Smith.” Columnist Matthew Barrows contends that the San Francisco 49ers need to take a tough position regarding their star outside linebacker Aldon Smith. … Continue reading

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