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‘Third-wave’ coffee? Give me dark-roasted Yuban

It’s 5 a.m., and I’m sitting at my computer with a mug of Yuban dark-roasted coffee a foot away. The cobwebs of sleep disappear with each sip from the 16-ounce mug. I’ve been drinking Yuban for years. It delivers caffeine … Continue reading

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Struggling schools and students need a helping hand

The pleasant young woman at the Home Depot checkout register in Sacramento measured the six pieces of oak floor molding I had brought to the checkout register and started to calculate the total length. “How much is 9 plus 9?” … Continue reading

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Thinking of home improvements? Keep your guard up

Was it an oversight or was the window-replacement specialist trying to get away with something? As I mentioned recently, my wife and I decided to replace about 13 single-pane casement windows that had seen better days. After getting three estimates, … Continue reading

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Bee sees ‘peril’ in arena project way too late

As serious observers of the downtown Kings arena project know, the city of Sacramento is embarking on a perilous financial path against the will of prudent residents because ambitious politicians and wealthy developers have manipulated our political system for their … Continue reading

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Where’s the NBA’s outrage on owner opposed to gay rights?

Aside from trampling on free-speech rights, the NBA’s rush to punish Donald Sterling for racist comments he made in a private talk with his young consort seems more like an exercise in hypocrisy than a virtuous stand for equality. Remember, … Continue reading

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