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Cousins is no match with Barkley as a winner

  Let’s put blame where it rightly belongs: The Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins hasn’t been fined and suspended by the NBA for spitting on a little girl. That would be Charles Barkley, back in 1991. Barkley and Cousins, however, are both … Continue reading

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Forget the spin and hire more reporters, editors

As unemployed journalists around the country well know, good journalism doesn’t come cheap. It requires many reporters out in the field getting the news and numerous editors processing it. Staffing is the heart of the business, and when you cut … Continue reading

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Columnist’s views on death penalty, convicted priest

After reading Sacramento Bee columnist Marco Breton’s hang ’em high column yesterday regarding the death penalty, I decided to reread three columns he wrote on the Rev. Uriel Ojeda in 2012 and 2013. I did this because I recalled a … Continue reading

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Ducks, geese and teenage girls along seedy stretch of river

I don’t know what to make of the two teenage girls in skimpy attire I saw last Friday afternoon. They were  wading in the lower American River. A minute later, a girl with a small dog came out of the woods … Continue reading

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Get gays in the church door and then what?

Once upon a time, I covered religion and ethics for the Sacramento Bee. I was assigned to this task by the managing editor who felt the Bee should try to explore the often contentious intersection of religious belief and the … Continue reading

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