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A tactic unworthy of a good newspaper

“Sacramento must separate Measure L from the mayor,” proclaims the headline over the Sacramento Bee’s lead editorial Thursday. The newspaper’s editorial board has advanced this specious position before, and I suspect it was bombarded with ridicule. Why else would this … Continue reading

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Kings owner Ranadive spins another fantasy

The most offensive display put on yesterday as the Sacramento Kings opened the new season against the Golden State Warriors was Kings owner Vivek Ranadive bragging about an NBA championship that will come to “one of the most iconic structures … Continue reading

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Restrictive stereotypes fall when someone dares to challenge them

  When I came across a picture of a very pregnant Alysia Montaño, a 2012 Olympian from Southern California, competing in the U.S. Track and Field Championships June 26 while eight months pregnant, I did a double take. It was … Continue reading

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Have an addiction? Here’s the word on the street

I parked my black Mustang yesterday in a parking lot across from the Capital Athletic Club. The club in downtown Sacramento is just a few blocks from the state Capitol. There are many state office buildings nearby, along with a … Continue reading

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In terms of fitness, how old are you?

When guys at my athletic club ask me how old I am, I tend to joke that I’m 39 in basketball years. That subtracts almost 30 years from my chronological age. I’d rather they look at what they see on … Continue reading

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