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Concern over arena’s impact on Marshall Hotel residents should have come long ago

It’s hard to know what to make of a five-page spread Sunday in the Sacramento Bee headlined “The last days of the Hotel Marshall.” The story chronicled the forced departure of 57 impoverished residents from the downtown hotel that had … Continue reading

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Peace an Earth and watch the road rage

Thoughts heading into Christmas Eve: Does the great waffler Sony have to release “The Interview” on Christmas Day? Couldn’t this company, which hoped to make money and draw a few laughs from the fantasy assassination of North Korea’s leader, give … Continue reading

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What not to say in a job interview

While perusing the New York Times yesterday to see what notables had died, I came across a delightfully written obituary on Rock Scully. He managed the Grateful Dead band from 1965 to about 1985, “a long, strange trip that saw … Continue reading

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Euphemism can’t hide Kings’ nasty business

“Philosophical differences” – now there’s a lofty phrase that suggests deep analysis by thoughtful individuals contemplating the nature of truth. Think of Plato vs. Aristotle,  Augustine vs. Aquinas or 17th century political theorists Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. But “philosophical … Continue reading

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Firing of Kings coach Malone shows no class

Here’s a bush league move by the Sacramento Kings: they dump the coach who has led the struggling team to its best start in years like a sack of garbage. If you woke up this morning and were surprised – … Continue reading

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