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Negative cliché casts shadow on McClatchy’s state title win

McClatchy blew a 10-point lead in the final 1:11 of regulation and also let a four-point advantage slip away in the first overtime. Ouch and double ouch! That first sentence came from a photo cutline on the front page of … Continue reading

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Bare legs disappearing in today’s basketball

If you’re a fashionista, you might have noticed that the legs of male basketball players are disappearing from view these days. The New York Times had a lengthy article last Sunday in its sports section on this subject. Where once … Continue reading

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Old sprinkler pipes induce fear and trembling

    When I saw water streaming over the sidewalk from one of the front sprinklers, my heart sank. I knew there would be no quick fix. My front yard has a network of galvanized steel pipe that goes back … Continue reading

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Keeping score where it counts in the NCAA basketball tournament

Harvard is listed as a 500-1 shot to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament; North Carolina has odds of 40-1. When the two teams meet today, I won’t be betting my retirement savings that Harvard will pull an upset. But … Continue reading

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Kings arena art acquisition exudes the color of money

  In Sacramento, what the one-percenters want, the one-percenters get. They use their money, power and influence to tell the rest of us how things are going to be. Their manipulative ability extends from plopping a Kings arena into the … Continue reading

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