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Pushing boundaries by running and writing poetry

While reflecting on the accomplishments on two very different people recently, I realized that I was close to the midway point in age between the two of them. That means I’m almost as far from 50 as I’m close to … Continue reading

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How cheap and demeaning to select art by gender

  Talk about adding insult to injury! First, we have a bunch of fat cats grabbing $2.5 million in public money to inflict their version of art on us; now we have would-be exploiters of the public trust lining up … Continue reading

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A hothead’s outburst sinks his team in the clutch

As I have noted before, playing basketball at the Capital Athletic Club in Sacramento provides a fine opportunity to puzzle over human nature. For example, why does a good player lose control of his emotions in the clutch and ensure … Continue reading

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Fighting words: almonds, vaccines

When I picked up the Bee the other day, I was greeted by front-page articles providing space to advocates of more almond orchards in drought-plagued California and to zealots asserting a right to refuse to vaccinate their children. In the … Continue reading

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How about common sense and straight talk?

Here are a couple of things to ponder: pro basketball players who hang around trouble-prone nightspots and a “world-renowned” hotel chain coming to Sacramento. For starters, we have Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha getting a fractured leg outside a New … Continue reading

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