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Reading between the lines on Mayor Johnson, racism and arena bond sale

Thanks to news junkies on social media, I’ve been directed to interesting perspectives on two intriguing subjects: Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and the city’s bond rating. I say “intriguing” because what you see on the surface with Johnson as well … Continue reading

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Some took the high road in Sacramento’s arena-subsidy fight

To paraphrase Shakespeare, something is rotten in the city of Sacramento. Anyone who has followed the arena subsidy issue has smelled the stink while realizing the difficulty of confirming the skulduggery at work. So let us give thanks to Isaac … Continue reading

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From Gen. Robert E. Lee to John McCain, hero worship carries a price

These are strange times on the moral-issues front.  It took the killing of nine blacks in a Charleston, S.C., church before fair-minded citizens started seriously confronting the symbolism of flying the Confederate flag over government buildings and naming schools after … Continue reading

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About guys who grunt in the weight room

An athletic club is a good place to study human nature. I continue to be puzzled why some of my fellow members at the upscale Capital Athletic Club in Sacramento feel it’s appropriate to discard their dirty towels on the … Continue reading

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Soccer stadium at railyard site would derail hopes for a livable downtown Sacramento

As everyone knows, downtown Sacramento is coldly unappealing and largely empty at night because it’s chock full of state and commercial office buildings. The area will never become a thriving nightspot like midtown until we have a lot of people … Continue reading

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