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Stephen Curry would have starred in Robertson-era pro game

Even the best ballplayers miss the mark occasionally. Take Oscar Robertson, for example, one of basketball’s all-time great players, a fellow who averaged a triple double for the entire 1961-62 NBA season. Playing for the Cincinnati Royals, a franchise that … Continue reading

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What was going on in photo of mothers embracing before murder arraignment of teenager?

My journalistic cynicism surfaced when I saw the front-page picture in the Sacramento Bee yesterday. “Mothers embrace as murder charges are filed” read the caption beneath the photo. One woman was Nicole Clavo, the mother of J.J. Clavo, a Grant … Continue reading

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Trying to make the sins of childhood go away

The incident that plagued my conscience as a kid and threatened to make me a candidate for eternal damnation occurred when I about 9 years old. It was an aberration from my good Catholic way of life, and to this … Continue reading

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When the going gets tough, the Kings’ front office kicks the little guys

Who is Chad Iske? He’s a relatively anonymous midlevel manager in the Sacramento Kings organization who is twisting in the wind because the team’s big bosses need a scapegoat for their own ineptitude. Who is Chad Iske? He’s the associate … Continue reading

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The danger in discussing old loves

How much should you tell your spouse about love relationships you had before your marriage? Is he or she entitled to full disclosure, or do you have a right to keep intimacies of the past to yourself? Such questions have … Continue reading

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