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Selfish bicycle riders need to grow up

When I complained the other day about bicyclists who feel entitled to take over Sacramento’s crowded sidewalks, a number of riders immediately launched into tales of close calls with dangerous or indifferent drivers. As an occasional rider myself, I sympathize … Continue reading

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Get those bikes off crowded Sacramento sidewalks

I don’t have much use for people who endanger the innocent while gratifying their own desires. But if they are going to do that, I wish they would own up to their self-indulgence instead of rationalizing their reprehensible behavior. What … Continue reading

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Freshmen often used as pawns in college hockey, basketball

Here’s an odd thing: many good high school hockey players delay entering college in the hope of getting an athletic scholarship. They spend two or three years developing their skills in high-powered amateur leagues and, if successful, get a free … Continue reading

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Dubious theorizing on Justice Kennedy’s views on gay rights

I know lawyers like to concoct imaginative tales, but does that mean our local newspaper has to print them? Do we benefit, for example, from dubious speculation on Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s motivation to support same-sex marriage? Why can’t … Continue reading

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UC anti-Zionism proposal gets into dangerous censorship

Despite my left-wing tendencies in my Berkeley days, I remember refusing to join some activist friends who were hell-bent on preventing William Shockley from speaking on campus. The Nobel Prize-winning physicist was pushing a theory that blacks were mentally inferior … Continue reading

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