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Shadow of massacre hangs over U.S.-backed university in Vietnam

Should a former Navy SEAL implicated in a massacre of civilians in a Vietnamese village be appointed to head a major American-sponsored university in that country? Fans of redemption narratives seem inspired by the recent appointment of former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey … Continue reading

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West Sacramento honors hometown boxing great Joey Lopes

I went to the official opening of the Joseph “Joey” Lopes Park in West Sacramento last Friday. A couple of hundred people attended the upbeat ceremony to celebrate the years-long effort to create a 4-acre park off West Capitol Avenue … Continue reading

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Huge culvert crossing under bike trail should help salmon stranded during floods

Despite being a pessimistic observer of the salmon and steelhead decline in Northern California, I find my spirits lifted by a protection project going on close to home. Let’s call it a tiny light at the end of a tunnel … Continue reading

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Better to develop a new skill than curse the darkness

“When is the last time you improved at anything?” That question hit home when I read it in a recent New York Times article on aging. Writer Gerald Marzorati clarified that he was talking about improving at a demanding skill … Continue reading

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From O.J. Simpson to Stanford sex-assault case, two wrongs don’t produce a right

Assuming O.J. Simpson was guilty of double murder, as most of white America thinks, was it rough justice for a largely black jury to acquit him because the Los Angeles cops had a sorry record of brutalizing blacks, most memorably … Continue reading

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