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Wimpy City Council pits Sacramento pedestrians against bicyclists

Street-by-street urban warfare has begun in Sacramento, and it promises to be a long, nasty battle marked by an upsurge in pedestrian casualties. Don’t think for a minute that the City Council Tuesday night voted to ban bikes on some … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s sidewalks are no place for bicyclists

The fellow at my athletic club was outraged. He had been involved in a bike accident on a sidewalk adjacent to the state Capitol in downtown Sacramento. A stupid pedestrian, he said, was yakking away on his cellphone, not watching … Continue reading

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On the wisdom of leaving old love letters alone

I can’t get myself to throw away some old love letters I have stored in the garage, even though I have no interest in rereading them. The oldest go back 50 years to my college days. They reflect several long-term … Continue reading

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Seeing America through different eyes

Here’s a tale of two Americas that may shed some light on why so many folks think our social system just ain’t fair. First, we have a big bank suspected of laundering nearly $900 million for drug traffickers and processing … Continue reading

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Aunt May would be rolling in her grave if she knew the old brownstone’s price

“Merciful heavens!” That’s what I imagine my Aunt May would exclaim if she were alive and told her old family home in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn was valued at $1.27 million. I learned that  price because I checked out … Continue reading

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