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Downer DeMarcus Cousins will unravel Kings again

Don’t get your hopes up for the Sacramento Kings. Two victories in the team’s first three games are merely teasers to disappointment and disenchantment. DeMarcus Cousins, a fellow who poisons the pleasure of playing or watching basketball, is already fraying … Continue reading

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Cremation and the river of no return

Even though I stopped going to Mass at age 16, I have a nagging sense the hounds of heaven are nipping at my heels, intent on returning me to the Catholic faith. I probably encourage this guilt by reading news … Continue reading

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Take light rail to Sacramento’s new arena? There’s a lot to learn first

Sacramento city officials hope thousands of Kings fans and concertgoers will use Regional Transit to get to the new arena downtown. Improvements and station cleanups have been made to lure new users.  But I have my doubts about the prospects … Continue reading

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Bill for playing basketball adds up with age

In my youth, it didn’t cost me much to play basketball. Several pairs of cheap Thom McAn sneakers and one outdoor basketball would get me through a year on the asphalt playgrounds of Queens. When I got holes in my … Continue reading

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College football coach feels entitled to kiss his players

Here’s an odd thing:  a powerful man being praised for pressing kisses and hugs on young people whose hopes and dreams rest in his hands. Hasn’t Donald Trump’s “locker-room” talk made such behavior reprehensible? Apparently not.  A New York Times … Continue reading

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