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Everything was going fine until the accident

“Count your blessings,” my wife said. I did a quick inventory and came up with a half-dozen things. They didn’t make me feel better. “I’m going to indulge my discontent for a while,” I said. My wife shrugged and said … Continue reading

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Maximizing prices at Kings arena puts squeeze on fans

The Sacramento Kings lose a lot on the basketball court, but the team is an NBA leader in “dynamic pricing” of tickets. If that doesn’t fill you with pride, maybe it shouldn’t. Another term for the practice could be called … Continue reading

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Some Thanksgivings better than others

Whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul, I account it high time to reflect on Thanksgivings past. They were happy holidays when I was a kid. We had big family meals with up to 25 people at … Continue reading

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Confrontation between CSUS professors was shoddy performance

Given all the hostility in the air, I find news accounts of a classroom confrontation last month at California State University, Sacramento, disturbing. Academia should be a place where reason trumps emotion. Instead, there was an unseemly showdown between two … Continue reading

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Feeling the need to calculate my life expectancy

  How many years do I have left to live? God only knows. But that question has been on my mind because this year marks a dubious milestone. I turned 70½, which means the Internal Revenue Service wants me to … Continue reading

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