The writing game

sneakers3After six years of writing the Game to 100 blog, I’ve decided to hang it up and note on my permanent record card that I produced 771 posts. I have found satisfaction in the writing process and appreciated the civil commentary and helpful editing notes from readers.

The stats show 1,584 published comments and 259,804 unpublished spam comments. Occasionally, some spammers were clever enough to slip their pitches through my automated spam-rejection tool by using generic flattery.  These trolls in disguise would refer to my “awesome post” or “wonderful article” and hope for a fatal click.

I will sign off with a line from T.S. Eliot about the writing game:

… One has only learnt to get the better of words for the thing one no longer has to say, or the way in which one is no longer disposed to say it.



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13 Responses to The writing game

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ave atque vale

  2. Tom Quinn says:

    I can think of approximately a hundred reasons for your blog not ending as Game to 771, if you catch my drift…or at least grab the rebound.

    There are sure to be some current events, like, say, whenever Trump opens his mouth and says anything on- or off-script, that trigger that fertile, insightful, witty mind of yours to pick up a pen, realize pens are obsolete, and hit the keyboard again. I’ll wait here.

  3. Steve Papinchak says:

    After 771 columns I can understand why you’d want to move on, but your posts will be missed. During the Kevin Johnson era you, along with a few other alternate news sources, were the only way I was keep informed about what was happening in Sacramento City Hall. Thank you.

  4. Jim Clegg says:

    Say it ain’t so Uncle Paul?!!! I loved your writings….

  5. john m clegg says:

    Incredible run!! It always amazes me…after a 30+ year career as a journalist & editor…to then sit down and write 771 more columns over 6 years…sharing your thoughts & heart & soul & life…with us all. LIVE…like a theater play…or a musical concert…echoed out into the cosmos & the abyss…because of your talents & skills & disciplines, but also because a human being on this planet needs to find their mountain, & climb! Which you have done, many times up & over. Very heroic, Paul…and the quality and volume of your work, speaks volumes to us all. Thank you!!

  6. Dorothy Korber says:

    Well, Paul, I am sorry to see you retire your blog! I have enjoyed your insights and personal reminiscences. And I like your provocative attitude! But I understand. After four decades of writing for a living myself, I can barely summon the energy to do a Facebook post, let alone a well-crafted essay. Your body of work is impressive –thanks from this appreciative reader.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog and I for one will miss them.

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