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Add some years to your life with upbeat thinking

If you hate the thought of getting old, you may be shortening your life. That’s the conclusion of researchers from Yale and Miami universities. Their study found that older individuals with more positive self-perceptions of aging, measured up to 23 … Continue reading

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When you’re the old guy on the court

I asked an aging basketball pal how things were going in the B league. He shrugged and said, with a touch of hesitation, that he wasn’t getting much playing time. “They see me as the old guy,” he said. “I … Continue reading

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How to even the playing field over 40

It’s decision time again: to play or not to play. The signup sheet for the fall basketball season at the Capital Athletic Club in Sacramento has been posted. It will be filled up in a week  by eager beavers – … Continue reading

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Ageism lurks behind drug bans in sports

What kind of society would tell its older citizens that they couldn’t use eyeglasses, hearing aids,  canes or wheelchairs because physical decline is the natural order of things and it’s immoral to violate the laws of nature? That would be … Continue reading

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Ageism undercuts athletes

I was watching the 20-kilometer race-walk Saturday in Land Park when I noticed the motto for the 2011 World Masters Athletics Championships on a banner. It read: “Athletics For Life.” How true, I thought, as I watched athletes from 35 … Continue reading

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