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Better to develop a new skill than curse the darkness

“When is the last time you improved at anything?” That question hit home when I read it in a recent New York Times article on aging. Writer Gerald Marzorati clarified that he was talking about improving at a demanding skill … Continue reading

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Add some years to your life with upbeat thinking

If you hate the thought of getting old, you may be shortening your life. That’s the conclusion of researchers from Yale and Miami universities. Their study found that older individuals with more positive self-perceptions of aging, measured up to 23 … Continue reading

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When life gets nip and tuck

In perusing the New York Times the other day, I came across a debate ignited by the remarkable transformation of actress Renee Zellweger’s face. Many thought Zellweger, 45, was almost unrecognizable when she appeared at a recent event. They assumed … Continue reading

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Mice pave way to fountain of youth

The evidence  keeps mounting that serious exercise could be the elusive fountain of youth for aging baby boomers.   Take a look at the two mice in the photo. The one at far left did endurance running three times a week … Continue reading

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