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Help wanted: Coach with strong punch needed for Sacramento Kings

How about Mike Tyson as the next coach of the Sacramento Kings? Sure, he’s turning 50 this year, but the former heavyweight boxing champ could still knock some sense into DeMarcus Cousins’ thick head or scare the 6-foot-11 star into … Continue reading

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Stories on Kings’ support for coach Karl as muddled as his status

Will George Karl coach the Kings through the end of this losing season? I thought the answer was “yes” after seeing a front-page teaser headline this morning in the Sacramento Bee that said: “Karl Staying Put.” That impression was reinforced … Continue reading

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Babying DeMarcus Cousins hasn’t worked, so now what?

I told you so! I told you so! “Pretty soon, the apologists and enablers of DeMarcus Cousins are going to run out of spin material on the 6-foot-11, 270-pound Kings center and have to deal with an unpleasant reality: the … Continue reading

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Cousins is no match with Barkley as a winner

  Let’s put blame where it rightly belongs: The Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins hasn’t been fined and suspended by the NBA for spitting on a little girl. That would be Charles Barkley, back in 1991. Barkley and Cousins, however, are both … Continue reading

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If self-entitlement made an All-Star, Cousins would be on NBA team

  While DeMarcus Cousins was sulking Friday, the opposing center for the Boston Celtics scored 31 points against him and grabbed 16 rebounds. The game marked the Kings’ 33rd loss of the season against 17 wins. Cousins manfully blamed himself for … Continue reading

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