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Bikeway connector in midtown Sacramento needs protection

As a bicycle rider in Sacramento, I like to get off the hazardous streets and enjoy the scenic beauty of the American River bike trail, officially known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. My street smarts, developed as a youth in New York … Continue reading

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Huge culvert crossing under bike trail should help salmon stranded during floods

Despite being a pessimistic observer of the salmon and steelhead decline in Northern California, I find my spirits lifted by a protection project going on close to home. Let’s call it a tiny light at the end of a tunnel … Continue reading

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Sculling mishap takes an ominous turn

When my single scull capsized and I was thrown into Lake Natoma Saturday morning, I felt a split-second of relief. The splash of cold water felt good on my sweaty body. I had feared going over from the moment I … Continue reading

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Sacramento-area rivers are dangerous — so what?

Breaking news! Wading, crossing or swimming in local rivers and creeks can be dangerous. I don’t know why that should be front-page news in the Sacramento Bee, but there it was again this morning. Members of the volunteer Drowning Accident … Continue reading

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Ducks, geese and teenage girls along seedy stretch of river

I don’t know what to make of the two teenage girls in skimpy attire I saw last Friday afternoon. They were  wading in the lower American River. A minute later, a girl with a small dog came out of the woods … Continue reading

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