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UC Berkeley officials need to stand up for free speech

Last year, University of California officials were pushing a dangerous idea that would have severely restricted discussion of a key historical movement of the modern era. Think about that for a minute: A prestigious university system dedicated to the education … Continue reading

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UC Berkeley, UCLA say football more important than fair play and equal rights

Sixty-five years ago, the University of San Francisco’s undefeated football team took a memorable stand in defense of equal rights. The 1951 team, widely considered the best in the country, refused to play in a prestigious and financially lucrative postseason … Continue reading

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Memorial bench in Red Bluff brings back fishing memories

Last week, my wife  and I took a road trip up Interstate 5, spending a couple of days in Ashland, Oregon, for the theater ambience and then on to Corvallis to see friends. Before leaving California, we made what for … Continue reading

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On the wisdom of leaving old love letters alone

I can’t get myself to throw away some old love letters I have stored in the garage, even though I have no interest in rereading them. The oldest go back 50 years to my college days. They reflect several long-term … Continue reading

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Indictment and a steelhead arrive on the same day

Writer’s note: In 1969, at the height of the Vietnam War, I found myself wandering between two worlds: one as a beginning sports editor in the small town of Red Bluff, California, and the other as a draft resister awaiting … Continue reading

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