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Harassment of black pedestrians called public-safety measure

The Sacramento Police Department, which was treated to a couple of days of media approval for its seemingly transparent response to the beating of a black man accused of jaywalking, couldn’t stick to sensible public relations. Instead, department officials are … Continue reading

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The danger of walking while black in Sacramento

Stopping people for minor infractions is a “proactive way” to reduce crime. “It’s the little things, like jaywalking and minor traffic violations,” said Tim Davis, head of the union that represents Sacramento police officers. “If you look into those, you … Continue reading

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Race-based quotas for pot growers? Wow!

The craziness of the Trump election must have blinded me to other strange political developments. For example, I was surprised to learn, courtesy of the Sacramento Bee, that Sacramento officials have been pursuing for months a plan to make the … Continue reading

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“The Star-Spangled Banner” and Kaepernick protest don’t belong in sports stadiums

I wish a committee of patriotic Americans would start a drive to ban the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at all sporting events except gold-medal ceremonies at the Olympics. How the sports establishment managed to appropriate our national anthem for … Continue reading

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Kings star DeMarcus Cousins wields racial stereotype as weapon of self-defense

If you’re a star black athlete and your antics draw criticism, you might pull out the racism card. That’s what Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton did before the Super Bowl. Criticized for touchdown dances called classless and other unsportsmanlike actions, … Continue reading

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